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 House 66 M-2, 710 sq.ft

 Lot 334 m-2, 3595 sq. ft.

         $99.000 ►




      FOR SALE 

     From 344 m-2 

           $63.400 ►



 3 Bedroom , 2 1/2 bath

  $225.000  1637 sq. ft. ►






   2 Bedroom, 1 Bath


     3 Bed room, 2 Bath






   2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

      Furnished  140 M-2

  Low HOAs $350 mo.






Preparing for your trip to Costa Rica


A bit about Jaco Beach. Jaco is the closet beach to the San Jose Airport. Only one hour drive.  Jaco is fully titled,           not like most cities in Costa Rica where many properties are concession mixed  along with Titled properties. 

  Basically, we have 3 major large beach front communities where you find everything, grocery stores, hardware store, pharmacy, clinics, tours.   Manuel Antonio is built on a mountain and will require a car to get around. Jaco is flat and you can walk everywhere easily.  Easy for guest to visit you and go off on their own.  Tamarindo is to the north with less rain and is a bit dusty and dry most of the   year, not so green.

 In Jaco we have many restaurants, hotels, tours, a fun city with lots of social activities.  Total of 9  beach front developments with excellent ocean views.  Ocean front condos starting from $250.000 with HOAs  beginning at $500 per month.

 A bit about me, I have been in Real Estate in Jaco for 13 years, formerly from San Diego, California.  I also work with Banco Nacional foreclosures for 7 years as a Provider for the bank.  The banks have sold    many properties, but we still have a few deals to find you the best price.

 If your interested in more about Bank Foreclosures in Costa Rica► we specialize in reductions and discounts for the properties   of our choice. Obtaining Financing in Costa Rica is basically for Residents only. Residents   that can show income reported in Costa Rica. More and more sellers are offering Owner Financing as low as   30% down.  It is a creative way to purchase your home in Costa Rica.

Getting around Costa Rica is easy using WAZE GPS . We now have UBER can be half the price of taxi.  Many tourists in Costa Rica use GOOGLE MAPS AS WELL ►. Best to down load your What’s App► App for   free calls and to contact your agent easily .

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                                                                 Why I Love Jaco Cost Rica

   In Jaco we have every out door sport and tour available in Costa Rica .  ATVs, Horseback Riding, Surfing all day every day, Fishing, Biking, Lots of walking, walking trails in Miró's Mountain. Many   restaurants, Pharmacy, Schools, Family life, Social Activities, and much much more your will find in Jaco.  In Jaco you will have the ocean in your front yard the mountains in your back yard.  Most of all off the freeways and a kick back life.  JACO you will find life laid back and friendly.  In Jaco new friends can be easily walking distance to your front door.  Weekends are lots of activities, schools  with marching bands, biking events, running events. Jaco now has a new beautiful Mall, Jaco Walk, with many restaurants, ice cream shops, water streams.  Jaco is growing with new projects of 150 residential homes and 100 more homes.  The North end of Jaco with many new developments now in North Jaco.   Weather year around.  Evenings are always warm in  Jaco, you may leave your sweaters home